Boiler Servicing in Edinburgh

Boiler-Service-with-Gas-CerAt GasGlow we have more than three decades of Central Heating boiler servicing in and around the Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife and Borders areas.

A regular, annual gas boiler service essential to ensure that any issues developing are discovered and dealt with quickly and efficiently at less inconvenience to yourself, it is also essential for safety, energy efficiency, and ensuring you get the most out of the life of your boiler.

All of our Gas Safe Registered Engineers carry out the following checks to ensure your boiler will provide you with safe and economical operation:.

  • First we carry out a visual check to ensure the boiler still meets current standards.
  • We then do a gas tightness test conducted to ensure no leaks.
  • The boiler is then ignited to identify any working faults.
  • The boiler casing will then be removed to check all main boiler components which are the burner, the heat exchanger, the main injector, spark/senor probe.
  • Our engineer will then inspect to ensure the flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are sealed properly.
  • We will make any adjustments to the gas valve to ensure that burner is combusting efficiently and properly using a flue gas analyser.
  • We will then clean all boiler parts where necessary.
  • The inside of the casing will then be cleaned if required.
  • The boiler casing will then be put back on while checking it is properly sealed.
  • We will then issue you a legal report which confirms everything the engineer has carried to maintain your boiler.

Please avoid the following:

DON’T use an engineer that is not Gas Safe Registered – Check Anyone Here. Check ours here.
DON’T skimp on boiler costs – it’s a false economy and it could kill you.
DON’T cover your boiler up so that it is poorly ventilated.
DON’T let jargon put you off. Ask your boiler engineer to explain clearly how well your boiler is working.
DON’T let your old boiler cost you money. New boilers can be much more energy efficient and could save you money.