Bracknell MP aims to maintain “greenest borough” status

Bracknell Forest

Dr. Phillip Lee, Bracknell MP gathered with the representatives from Sainsbury’s and Bracknell Forest Council to plant 5 particular trees on Bill Hill. This Initiative is a part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project which implies that planting trees would hopefully make Bracknell a greener and a more beautiful town.

Dr. Phillip Lee stated that with the Queen visiting Bracknell the previous month, it is appropriate that the entire town mark Her Majesty’s lifetime of devotion to the country in the Commonwealth at this time. He also said that it is twice as important that Bracknell is one of the greenest boroughs in the country should make sure to accomplish this, by adding to the number of trees, as monitored by bs5837 tree survey services.

Trees had been donated from the result of a partnership between Woodland Trust and Sainsbury’s partnership. This included the all UK sourced tree saplings of two rowans, one hazel and two silver birch trees.

A totality of approximately 50,000 trees is to be planted across the UK within this coming autumn and winter seasons. This feat would bring 500 MPs and Local Communities cooperatively. Such initiatives involving the betterment of the planet are highly positive ones. Taking time to give back to nature is also an important role in itself.

Bluesky’s national treemap survey mentions that Bracknell Forest is apparently the third leafiest borough in the entirety of the UK. This is quite a statement considering how many boroughs are present in the UK.

Dr. Phillip Lee also said that he would like to commend the Woodland Trust for their great work in organizing this much-needed initiative and Sainsbury’s for their hard work as well as generous support.

There were a few others who were a part of this movement including Chief Executive Timothy Wheadon, Councillor Paul Bettison and a bunch of parents, staff, and children coming from the Rowan’s children’s center so far. There were also rangers who came from the parks and countryside service and also representatives of Sainsbury’s. This gathering of residents and local groups and working toward a shared initiative that will beautify and better the entire town will never be forgotten. Such acts are always passed down to the children and these people are never truly forgotten. It is also important to remind ourselves how beneficial trees are to the environment in general.

Dr. Phillip Lee mentioned that he hopes the children who took the initiative of helping in this wonderful project will eventually grow up and visit the place again, this time with their own children only to see strong, healthy and matured trees that will provide memories for the residents’ generations to come. These words spoken by the MP were very encouraging as it talks about creating a future for the children, directly to the children so far. Also, many adults being moved by this understanding would work twice as hard to provide better results so that the children grow up and remember these individual’s great efforts, and their memories will live on forever. This in itself is very touching and beautiful.