How to Start Building a House

The beauty, elegance and quality of a finished house is something everyone marvels at. The feeling is even greater if you are looking at and inspecting your house. Building a house to a fantastic looking and strong structure is one challenging task, especially for those doing it for the first time.

If you are building it from scratch, it is important you cover all the bases in the preparatory phase to eliminate issues that may make the entire project stressing or a failure. Here are tips on how to start building a house. These, target the preparatory tasks you should complete before building a house.

  1. Organise your Finances

Undoubtedly, building a house is one of the most expensive projects one may undertake. Therefore, it is important to have your financial resources ready and organised. Find an estimated cost for your project and then consider your resources. Total up your savings and talk to your bank. Finding a specialist self-build mortgage lender is also another excellent alternative.

  1. Find a Plot

Here another very challenging part. You need to check the weekly list of planning applications submitted. This will enable you to decide on your local authority area. As per the Right to Build, you should then register with your local authority. From there you can look for a plot which is yet to be built on, maybe via Google Maps, and writer to the owner to find if they’ll sell it to you. You can find a landowner through the Land Registry. Plotfinder is a landfinding database you can register with as an alternative to find a plot.

  1. Establish a Design Brief

Your design brief should be established by considering your house style and number of rooms you need. Mostly, the common factor includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. An expert designer can be of great help as they can find smart ways to achieve a house that perfectly suits your preferences.

  1. Decide on Your Involvement

Your involvement in the building of your own house varies. There are different tasks you might want to be the one to undertake. You should then decide prior to building a house if you will be your own manager or foreman or hire one. Think about the DIY tasks like decorating and wiring you might want to be one doing.

  1. Find a Good Builder

At this point, you probably are fully prepared, and your designer has detailed tender documents which you provide to multiple builders. They can then send you detailed quotes, and you make a decision on the builder to engage.


You could ask your family, friends, neighbours and designers for recommendations. A team of plant hire Wirral specialists make an excellent choice for anyone in the region.