Kia and Hyundai developing solar roofs for their cars ready for 2019


People are researching and technology has become much advanced and there are many ways to stop using access amount of money on fuel for vehicles, as cars are no longer a luxury but rather have become a necessity allowing the people with a great convenience and comfort level that they can easily travel from one place to another without walking or getting tired but the cost of fuel to be reduced is itself a challenge and to overcome this obstacle after years of research and hard work Kia and Hyundai are developing solar roof for their cars ready for 2019.

As these cars no longer need to use electricity but would be able to make their own electricity with the greatest source of electricity known to mankind and that is sunlight. Most cars of Kia and Hyundai that are electric or hybrid can be induced with solar roofs for better use, the solar roof technology works in a way that the renewable charging system will be carefully placed on the roof or the bonnet of the car which will be compatible with electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles or vehicles with internal combustion engines and the energy which will be produced from these solar roofs will produce additional electricity and will improve fuel efficiency and range.

Kia and Hyundai are developing three different kinds of solar roof charging systems in which the first will be for hybrid vehicles whereas the second would be for ICE vehicles and the third will be for battery electric vehicles, in the first type that is for hybrid vehicles, it consists of silicon solar panels that are integrated on a standard roof of a car which is estimated to charge 30% to 60% battery on a normal day and the climatically changes will also play a part in effecting the efficiency of the solar roof while as the second type hopes that the systems would be capable enough to improve real-world fuel economy and eventually increase efficiency, with solar PV battery storage cost UK levels coming down.

Cars running on sunlight was nothing but an un executed idea for the future and this idea has become a reality as we would now be able to use the natural largest source of energy to our advantage which would not only improve consumption and efficiency but more energy would be saved taking the step towards solar roof cars, we would be making our own energy of our use without passively consuming

energy and this approach shows that we are evolving and advancing as we speak and Kia and Hyundai group of industries are launching these solar roof cars very soon and this is just the start as there are many natural sources of producing electrical energy and they may also be introduced in the far future but now the as we speak Kia and Hyundai are developing solar roofs for their cars ready for 2019 and these cars will surely change the complexion of automobiles.

No longer will people look for a shady space to park, but rather they will search for a parking spot where there is sunlight to charge their cars!